More topics…

23 Mar

I honestly cannot decide on a thesis topic to research. Why is it so hard for me?

I’ve thought of a few more and found some that I could possibly do:

  • the psychology of attraction – I feel it’s a dead end, where do I go with this? It’s interesting to read about and extremely entertaining but where to next?
  • Different types of information graphics – the history of it, what form did it begin with? how did it change? what are the advantages and disadvantages? how can it be improved? what is wrong with current model? what kind of tools are being used? most popular? most effective?
  • the psychology of decision making – how does it affect our health? how do we make choices? what kind of choices are there? does decision making hurt productivity?
  • How much do people (particularly college students or full-time working people) spend on food? What kind of food do they eat? What affects their decision? What do people think about food in general? Where do they shop? How they cook and eat? What goes on in their kitchen? How many people diet? Why? Focus on area? Compare to another? Say downtown Toronto to Scarborough? Types of food? Ethnic foods? Location of types of food? What time? Who they eat with? Food psychology? Map out Toronto’s eating habits?
  • How much do we think about where our food has come from? What does  it take to make a pizza? What are the origins of the ingredients?
  • study the flow of life in canada compared to another country? Is life moving too fast for us to enjoy in Canada? Compared to say Europe? Stress levels? Employment?
  • women in the ruban city and workplace
  • perception of suburban life to city life – freedom, isolation, social integration and interaction
  • What is a community?

One Response to “More topics…”

  1. rhunt March 29, 2010 at 8:47 pm #

    Generally good entries. Your thesis ideas above are too general, need more design focus. For example, the information graphics makes sense; how about something like “how can information graphics be used to communicate things that are normally communicated by other means?” Like diets, or lifestyles. This would give you those overlapping circles I was talking about.

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