Thesis Topics

14 Mar

I’ve changed my thesis topic since last semester. Honestly it’s hard to pick. This is something that I will be doing for a year. What can I research and work on that I will not get bored of and want to keep going?

I’m just going to list random topics that come to mind and some topics I’ve looked up. However I am going to organize it into 2 categories, one related to design and the other not.


  • Identity and Branding
  • Information Design and Graphics
  • Packaging
  • Interactive & Website
  • Wayfinding
  • future of print media


  • Psychology – mental disorders – living with a person with a mental disorder
  • Beauty – The view of beauty and stereotypes in North America vs. Asia (An example, a lot of asian girls want white pale skin yet girls in North America want to be tanned)
  • sustainable fashion fabrics
  • Are organic foods really healthier for you?
  • Deviance & Normality – cultural scares
  • human memory

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