Tim Brown on TED: Creativity and Play

13 Mar

I watched the video by Tim Brown called Creativity and play. He gives us evidence that we fear the judgement of our peers and we feel embarrassed about our ideas to people we of as our peers. And he talks about how kids are the exact opposite. They are never to afraid to show their work and are quite willing to talk about it. Which makes me ask why is it when we get older, we become so much more reserved and conservative. Kids are so uninhibited. And Tim’s answer to that is that as we become adults, we become sensitive to the opinions of others. We lose that freedom. It’s a social norm that adults behave like “adults”. We have this image of what an adult should be and do. Therefore, an adult, tries to get into this role of seriousness and does not want to make mistakes. What if you saw a middle age man or woman playing at the swings or making a sandcastle at the playground? Playing with toy blocks? Would you stare at them weirdly? Or pass by like its normal or something that you consider acceptable in society? It’s funny that in the “adult world” or “grown up world” that playing is associated with immaturity and irresponsibility. It’s considered abnormal. He even showed another agency that had a slide and firefighter pole to slide down. Which reminds me of the advertising firm we went to. It really was playful and immediately catches people’s attention. It makes us to think about such simple things and how they can provoke us.
This is the thing about becoming a designer. We have to stop being afraid of what others will think. I don’t think we should stop caring about what others thing because in time, that is also important. It affects what we do – what we design and even also how we think.


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