Brenda Laurel: The Human Face of ResearchDesign

13 Mar
  • Design research as an integral part of design practice
  • can’t have one without the other
  • minerva – goddess of wisdom and military strategy
  • owl brought back information
  • we scared of information/research because its gonna dictate our design decision – not true
  • uses same methods as market research – tells  u how to sell something – but design research tells you how to make decision, to inform you
  • design research differs from m.r in breadth and purpose helps designers to identify opportunity spaces tunes intuition and informs creativity
  • art of changing culture without being kicked in the teeth
  • no consumer
  • post-consumer
  • must leave behind biases when doing human centered research
  • we design tools to look at data, design tools to look at those tools
  • scenario building and strategic analysis
  • understand people, how can it be conducted economically?
  • deploy methods strategically
  • begin with quantitative data
  • baby boomer research
  • probes – three bags, inside cards, photo journals
  • personas – make belief things that marketers do, capture patterns
  • but they make it up, you gotta look at your research
  • did a study on teens, personas, don’t know they keep changing media types,
  • students did baby boomer education videos and others
  • what is mobo? thumb print, can sense light, etc
  • kids attracted to objects that connect to technology and life
  • zeitgeist taster
  • human change, crises, sustainability, new ecologies of people and things
  • human change: demographics – 11 year old girls-attitudes have really changed
  • people are changing all the time because environments are changing
  • human change: emergent social topologies, online gaming worlds-social interactions, real world and online currency
  • human crises: health, extremism and conflict, energy issues, climate change
  • sustainability: design, materials and technologies -big impact on what designers are going to do,
  • new ecologies of things: sensor networks, locative technologies, IP everywhere
  • open source everything

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  1. genelia gomez April 10, 2010 at 6:37 am #

    Keep up with your great work and you will achieve a great

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