Designing Bicycle Cities

23 Feb


Title of Website: Good.Is

Author: Eric Wicks

Date: January 26 2010

“Planning clearly-marked urban biking systems can help us educate car drivers and decrease cycling accidents.”

  • The life cycle of cities from small town to metropolis, planners had to answer the question of how to accommodate the transportation needs of the growing population
  • Booms correspond with the rise of automobiles and the oil industries, not the biking surge we’re experiencing now
  • Planners are now faced with the task of retrofitting new concepts and ideas to existing infrastructure
  • Austin (Texas): opportunity to make the right transportation decisions where other cities have failed
  • Problem: public perception – people don’t see biking as a serious mode of transportation, and they feel bikes don’t belong on the road, drivers consider the road “theirs”, both sides can benefit from “ours”
  • What a person knows of cycling is learned from their community, so a city that is designed to accommodate only one mode of transportation is bound to inspire a certain myopia

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