Chicago’s Bike Lane Design Manual

23 Feb


Title of Website: City of Chicago



  • The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center is delighted to partner with the City of Chicago and Chicagoland Bicycle Federation to make available this Bike Lane Design Guide
  • One critical role of the PBIC is to disseminate best practices; to provide access to the tools and resources with which communities can be changed for the better
  • This guide is an example of how facilities for bicyclists can be integrated into the layout of busy urban streets. Shows how bikes can be retroditted into an existing street system

What is considered:

  • Line Type and Thickness: what kind of lines would separate the bike lane from the travel lane? Or where is parking prohibited or allowed?
  • Intersections: lanes must alert cyclists to the potential for motorists to be crossing their path and encourages safe merging in advance of the intersection (eg. Bike lane with parking, intersection with 2-way arterial street)
  • Parking Setbacks: setbacks like on-street parking through Chicago, bus routes – vehicle parking is prohibited, bike lane may be dropped to allow for turning movement
  • Bike Lane Symbol and Arrow: Chicago uses a bike lane symbol based on that used in Toronto, design is simple and clearly for bikes and motorists

3 elements of street layout for Chicago

4 Foot Minimum Bike Lane Width –Chicago does not stripe a lane less than 5 feet in width, but AASHTO Guide and some agencies will stripe 4 in certain situations

Defining the Parking Lane: advantages of striping the line to define the parking lane include: striping encourages motorists to park closer to the curb and provide more space for bicyclists in the bike lane like when opening car doors, discourages motorists from thinking that shared bike/parking lane is in fact a travel lane for motor vehicles

Signs and Markings


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