Project Plan & Schedule

1 Feb

Group 4

Project Coordinator | Linda + All
Field Researcher | Dia + All
Secondary Researcher | Aaron + All
Writing & Analysis | Taysia + All
Presentation | Saidi + All

Our group has decided to do a case study on issues related to cycling in the Toronto community. We specifically want to focus on lane labeling because there is a lack of labeling and spacing for cyclists on the road.

We want to find out the issues involved in labeling of Toronto roads, why there is a lack, who does it affect, who is in charge of this labeling, etc. We want to contact a number of people and places:

  1. The Toronto Cycling Committee
  2. Ministry of Transportation
  3. Cycling groups (Toronto Bicycling Network, Toronto Bike Union, Bike Toronto)
  4. Cyclists, Motorists


  • Ethnographies, interviews, observations (primary), City Archives, Library, e-journals, Statistics Canada, television, newspapers, etc.


Week 4 | Tuesday February 2 2010 | Present subject, plan, and group structure

Week 5 | Tuesday February 9 2010 | Must have started interviews with contacts, gather secondary research, have initial analysis, mark down all sources

Week 6 | Tuesday February 16 2010 | Present research for project 1, hand in raw data

Week X | Tuesday February 23 2010 | Study Break – Raw data should be analyzed and interpreted, look for insights and gather conclusions, start presentation

Week 7 | Tuesday March 2 2010 | Project Due


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