1 Feb

Our group has decided to change topics after we found out that our topic was not specifically from Toronto. Our first topic was Greenliving. What we wanted to do with this topic was look at the magazine and see what was working and what was not. How can it be expanded to a larger audience because it was aimed towards women 25-54 that make 75000 a year. It seems to be such a small audience.

I found that the topic didn’t leave that much paths for research. Another option was Live Green Toronto. The website is quite nice and informative, however I still don’t think it leads to many paths and I thought it was kind of broad. We then picked cycling in Toronto and this topic had a number of issues. I really was interested in the topic too. There are issues between cyclists and motorists which signs, lane labeling, lane spacing, etc. could be a causing factor of.

Toronto Cycling

Other problems may be the map, lack of trails and cycling space in Toronto (Does the city really support cyclists?), air pollution, etc. They’ve created plans to be done but it’s not done. Why is that? Of course, budget is a problem but why is this not a big issue? We are looking at The Toronto Cycling Committee and would like to speak to members from the committee and to actually cyclists themselves. Of course, this topic is a bit broad so we must narrow it down.

Here’s some more links:

Toronto bike Union

Toronto Bicycling Network

Bike Toronto


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