Wayfinding Case Studies

23 Jan


Corbin is a design firm located in Michigan. They work on improving the way people access places and information and also work with environmental graphics design. Because I am interesting in wayfinding, I thought this was a nice example of case studies of wayfinding across different cities in different areas. Take a look at the site. Thanks.


This website belongs to a journalist who has interest in typography and specifically the type on TTC subway stations. The link I posted above will lead you to a posting that is about the testing of public signs in Toronto which has not really been complete according to the posting. Read up if you are interested.

Urban Toronto

Urban Toronto – Wayfinding signage ideas

This website is a great place to find discussion and participate in discussion about issues in Toronto. I found a forum discussing the wayfinding signage of our TTC system and an example of how to improve it. People are saying to get rid of the north, south, west, and east bound and just put what the last station was. Others are offering examples of other systems of transit around the world that seem to work better. The Toronto system is not so hard to get use to if you know where you’re going and you know directions of where you are going. As a system for tourists, I don’t know about that. Even people living in Toronto seem to have trouble. Though I’ve seen some crazy train systems like Tokyo’s for example. O_O

Take a look at Berlin’s


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