Spacing + Group Case Studies

20 Jan

Click here to go the spacing website!

Richard recommended a very interesting website in research class today. It’s about the urban landscape and there’s one for Montreal and one for Toronto. It’s definitely a site I would visit often.

We also found out our group members today. Our group does not have a topic yet because we are still contemplating which topic to do. What we came up with in class today was: ttc, waste and sanitation (Especially the strike that happened last year), water supply of Toronto, wayfinding systems in Toronto plus driving downtown (which is terrible and I avoid it as much as I could), and then there’s also been some issues going on between bikers/pedestrians and drivers. We feel that TTC will be attempted by many groups though. We will be deciding our final topic this friday in a meeting. The research process will start once we have decided. As for me, I am most interested in the wayfinding systems of Toronto. I don’t think they are the greatest. This may even be a great direction for thesis.


One Response to “Spacing + Group Case Studies”

  1. rhunt January 20, 2010 at 11:18 pm #

    Nice blog! If you keep this up, you’ll have a good selection of thoughts and images by next September

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