“The Landscape of Graphic Design Education” – Brief Notes

19 Jan
  • Disciple: branch of learning that has a body of knowledge, modes of inquiry and historical and critical perspectives on both as they relate to the subject
  • Profession: occupation that involves the application of knowledge and training in the discipline
  • The contract between the institution and the undergraduate student is that the disciplinary knowledge imparted will be relevant in some respect, not only immediately upon graduation but for the career lifetime of the individuals
  • Requisite knowledge and skill set will allow the individual to evolve within the field and its place in society
  • What excellent programs in design demonstrate, regardless of their structure and the particular skills of the faculty is that it takes time to produce a professional and even longer to produce a leader in the field
  • Time: progressive and integrated experiences in design education that build insight; maturation of thinking skills and elaboration of concepts that can happen only through significant and ongoing immersion in the work of a discipline – instilling a disposition for scholarship in both academic and professional settings
  • Because of a shifting professional landscape and the emerging research culture is a need for greater rigor in writing about the discipline and textbooks for students at all levels

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