“What is Research?” – Brief Notes

17 Jan

What research is NOT:

  1. Research is not mere information gathering
  2. Research is not mere transportation of facts from one location to another
  3. Research is not merely rummaging for information
  4. Research is not a catchword used to get attention

What research IS:

Research is a systemic process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting information (data) in order to increase our understanding of the phenomenon about which we are interested about or concerned. People often use a systematic approach when they collect and interpret information to solve the small problems of daily living.

8 Characteristics of Research:

  1. Research originates with a question or problem
  2. Research requires clear articulation of a goal
  3. Research requires a specific plan for proceeding
  4. Research usually divides the principal problem into more manageable subproblems
  5. Research is guided by the specific research problem, question, or hypothesis
  6. Research accepts certain critical assumptions
  7. Research requires the collection and interpretation of data in an attempt to resolve the problem that initiated the research
  8. Research is, by its nature, cyclical, or more exactly, helical

Research methodologies has two primary functions:

  1. To control and dictate the acquisition of data
  2. To corral the data after their acquisition and extract meaning from them (Interpretation of data)

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