Research Reading #1

17 Jan

For the first reading of research methodologies, there are 3 articles/chapters to read.

  • The Landscape of Graphic Design – Meredith Davis
  • The Fundamentals (A chapter from a book) – Leedy & Ormrod
  • Graphic Design as a Liberal Art: Design and Knowledge in the University and the “Real World” – Gunnar Swanson

The first two reads are pretty straightforward. The first and third read are more about graphic design and the role of the liberal arts both in history and in graphic design. What I picked up from the ‘Davis’ article is that in the beginning of design education, we are taught basic skills, we are learning about form and how to describe and look. But what makes a good or rather professional design program is one where students not only develop their technical skills, but “develop insight, mature their thinking skills and elaboration of concepts that can only happen through significant, ongoing immersion in the work of a discipline” (Davis, 4).

Swanson talks about liberal arts, its history and the study of graphic design as a liberal arts education. He is suggesting that there could be less vocational training and more theory in the field of graphic design.

The reading by Leedy & Ormrod give us the characteristics of “What is Research?”  and we are given a brief description to help us understand what is real research and what is not.


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